Accounting Outsourcing

Full Service Accounting Outsourcing – Reduced costs, better control and more informed decisions

IQ BackOffice offers complete accounting outsourcing services that combine best practices, top-to-bottom process reengineering with web-based workflow systems to reduce errors and lower costs while improving your controls and decision-making.

Our experienced team develops client-centric solutions that leverage your existing accounting systems rather than replacing them. Through this, we reduce implementation timeframes, risk and expense, and allow your interfaces and reports to function as they do today.

Our proprietary Archimedes software enables you to manage your accounting processes from any web-enabled device or PC, while our partnerships with electronic payment solutions providers can turn your accounting costs into real savings.

Let IQ BackOffice deliver these benefits to you through a full-service outsourcing solution that includes:

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Please note that IQ BackOffice is not a CPA firm

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Why IQ BackOffice?

Our fully integrated client-centric accounting outsourcing solutions give you real-time control, both in the office and out on the road.

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