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We Make processing ap invoices and payments simple!

Using IQ’s technology you will have complete transparency and control over every transaction while mitigating payment fraud risks. Our applications use industry best practices to make e-payments more efficient. Our secure systems are SSAE18 SOC 1 Type II compliant.

IQ’s a la carte offerings include services such as 24/7 email and phone support for you and your suppliers. IQ’s web-based invoice processing applications and secure payment automation let you reduce costs while taking advantage of cash-back revenue opportunities.

With IQ BackOffice, You’ll Have More Control and Visibility, Faster Payments and Lower Costs

  • Designed for large enterprises with complex needs
  • Real-time visibility and analytics across multiple entities
  • Supports management of payments centrally
  • You approve every payment
  • Enterprise-wide visibility and analytics
  • Bank neutral platform
  • No licensing fees and no monthly minimum
  • Requires minimal investment of IT resources
  • Capture detailed remittance data to streamline reconciliations

IQ Offers Integrated End-to-End Payment Automation For All Payment Types

IQ’s ePayable solution includes check, ACH, ACH+ and virtual credit cards. Virtual card payments are unique one-time virtual credit card account number is delivered to your participating suppliers via an associated email remittance advice. These are processed just like a standard credit card and benefit from:

  • Convenience and broad acceptance
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Limits on amount and expiration date
  • Accelerate the timeline for supplier payments and discounts
  • Potential rebates back to you

Our solution leverages enhanced ACH+ payments, which also are immediate cash payments with detailed remittance advice. This data supports your supplier’s ability to correctly apply payment receipts.

Additional types of payments that are supported include: direct (push) payments, online payments for suppliers who require website or phone payments, and dynamic discounting.

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Process Automation solutions - Accounts Payable Workflow David Schnitt, CEO

Integrated solutions reduce errors and increase efficiency. IQ BackOffice delivers complete solutions that work with your back office infrastructure and reports.

David Schnitt, CEO, IQ BackOffice

IQ BackOffice works with leading global companies which include the world’s largest steel manufacturer, the largest technology and entertainment conglomerate, large retailers and restaurant chains across thousands of stores and e-commerce sites. Other major clients include distribution, energy, healthcare, real estate, and financial services companies.

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