Accounts Payable Outsourcing

Increased savings and control with digitized invoices

IQ BackOffice’s procurement-to-payment approach delivers savings of up to 68% and a per-transaction quality rate of 99.97%. We’ll take that stack of paper invoices off your desk and apply a combination of web-based workflows and outsourced accounts payable processing that readies them for approval and electronic payment in less than a day.

With IQ BackOffice, your processes become standardized into SAS70 Type II and SSAE 18-qualifying business rules. We code these rules into our state-of-the-art Archimedes software and digitize your invoices for processing by our highly-trained and carefully monitored staff. We note exceptions for your resolution and review each invoice across multiple data points to spot duplicate billing.

IQ BackOffice – Accounts Payable Outsourcing Best Practices

Our best practices approach gives you better control over your processes. Instead of going through stacks of invoices and file folders, with a few clicks, you can drill down into any invoice to see its status, find out who needs to review it, know how long they’ve had it in their inbox, and approve it for payment.

IQ BackOffice enables disbursement via checks, ACH, wire transfers and credit cards with rebates. Our solutions offer:

  • Enhanced visibility into the accounts payable cash flow
  • The flexibility to work with any bank, with no charge for changing banks
  • Reduced vendor remittance costs through online presentment and self-service options
  • Secure Virtual Payment MasterCard®, with cash-back revenue options

When you Outsource Accounts Payable with IQ BackOffice, your AP processing becomes digital, predictable, efficient and quality-focused. Your control increases while your costs and risks decrease, enabling you, and your company, to do more.

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Why IQ BackOffice?

Accounts Payable Outsourcing with IQ BackOffice means faster turnaround, fewer errors and greater control over your accounts payable processes.