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IQ BackOffice offers the following brochures:

IQ BackOffice Corporate Brochure
A high-level overview of all of our services.

Service datasheets
An in-depth look at each service area:

Industry-specific datasheets
An in-depth look at each industry we serve:

Knowledge center
The latest on industry best practices and a landmark benchmarking report for mid- to large-sized firms:

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Why IQ BackOffice?

IQ BackOffice is the leading accounting and HR outsourcer, offering 99.97% quality and up to 68% savings to companies around the globe. Our accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and human resources services leverage your existing systems to deliver significant process improvements, complete process transparency and faster access to information. Working with IQ BackOffice drives lower costs, better decision-making and stronger financial controls for our clients.

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