Real Estate property management solutions

Make your back office as predictable as the rent.

If there’s a bigger challenge than managing diverse properties, it’s managing the invoices, bills and back office processes that come with them. Every issue is multiplied by the number of properties you manage. When it comes to balancing the cost, speed and accuracy of back office processes, the answer is easy: IQ BackOffice.

Your success is our core value

  • Excellence: To be the best at executing operationally and in other aspects of our business. To be the best that we are to clients, shareholders and each other.
  • Integrity: To be honest, especially to ourselves. To be ethical and moral.
  • Innovation: To develop state-of-the-art processes and technology. To be willing to try new things, take measured risks and learn from failure.
  • Enterprise: To compete aggressively in the market. To take the initiative in meeting client needs and exceeding client expectations.
  • People: To build teams that respect, learn from, strengthen and have fun with each other.

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