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Make your back office as predictable as the rent

If there’s a bigger challenge than managing diverse properties, it’s managing the invoices, bills and back office processes that come with them. Every issue is multiplied by the number of properties you manage. When it comes to balancing the cost, speed and accuracy of back office processes, the answer is easy: IQ BackOffice.

IQ BackOffice turns your paper processes into web-based electronic solutions and automatically forwards them to a manager’s inbox for rapid approval within a day. You’ll see fewer errors, instant status reports and savings of up to 68% compared to your current costs.

With numerous clients in the property management industry and millions of transactions processed each year, IQ BackOffice is ready to help you do more.

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Why IQ BackOffice?

IQ BackOffice develops comprehensive business rules to process transactions within 24 hours of receipt, improve quality processing and rapidly resolve exceptions.