IQ BackOffice Outsourced Full Service Accounting Solution

Imagine your accounting processes completely reengineered for optimal efficiency, a customized solution that will offer you 99.97% quality while reducing costs by 40-50% and crushing your close on financials to three days.

It’s completely possible using IQ BackOffice’s outsourced full service accounting solution.

Outsourced Full Service Accounting Solution

Clients benefit from IQ BackOffice’s years of outsourced accounting services and business process reengineering expertise. “Clients are sold on our experience as an accounting services provider and our ability to provide them with round-the-clock services and comprehensive support, starting with accounts payable all the way through financial reporting,” explains Ken Johnson, IQ BackOffice’s VP of Business Development.

Another IQ BackOffice secret weapon? Our applications.

Archimedes, our proprietary enterprise cloud-based workflow system and Intacct, a cloud-based accounting software that is robust enough to meet clients’ complex accounting needs. “Our goal is to provide our clients with detailed reporting to support informed business decisions. Using Intacct and Archimedes we are able to provide exceptional reporting. Clients are blown away by the level of dashboard reporting, accounting visibility, and process analytics that we offer. It’s the wow factor. A lot of clients are coming off of old software solutions where they were scrambling to control their financial data and didn’t have immediate online access to up to date data like they do with our solution,” says Johnson.

Outsourced Full Service Accounting

Johnson also noted that the firm has continued to see strong interest from restaurant and hospitality businesses. “We have a lot of clients in these markets and they are experiencing immense value in terms of cost and time savings,” Johnson stated.

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