3rd-Party Delivery Reconciliation

IQ BackOffice offers timely 3rd-party delivery reconciliation comparing clients' sales against their payments, validating that their deductions conform to agreed upon terms.

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IQ BackOffice offers customized solutions supporting Third Party Delivery Service Reconciliations including:

  • IQ BackOffice downloads delivery partner transactions
  • IQ BackOffice reconciles 3rd-party delivery payments and bank receipts to the transactions and delivery partner statements
  • IQ BackOffice performs a back-end calculation of delivery fees and service fees validating them against 3rd-party vendor agreement rates and validating taxes per client tax rates
  • IQ BackOffice enters the AR transactions, applies payments and advises the client of any discrepancy in accordance with business rules

For one client, IQ found that out of $4.3M in 3rd-party deliveries, there were approximately 21% of 3rd-party delivery payment shortages comprised of deposits in transit, cancelled/duplicate orders, adjustments and actual short payments.

Integrated outsourced accounting services

“Integrated solutions reduce errors and increase efficiency. IQ BackOffice delivers complete solutions that work with your back office infrastructure and reports.”

David Schnitt, CEO at IQ BackOffice

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