Third-Party Delivery Reconciliation

With IQ BackOffice’s Customized Third Party Delivery Reconciliation Solution, 
Restaurants Gain Enhanced Controls and Timely and Accurate Reporting. 

The Companies That We Keep

Food delivery is growing dramatically playing a more significant role in restaurants finances with the popularity of DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats and Postmates.

Current Third-party delivery technology can capture and detail each sale 
but restaurants need to integrate and reconcile the data from different channels for accurate reporting. 

Visibility and control over delivery costs by type of service is critical to profitability.

Challenges With Third Party Delivery

  • Lack of visibility and control
  • A fast growing source of errors and fraud
  • Potential short payments from third party
  • Very complex and detailed
  • Must be timely
  • Time consuming
  • A high volume, low value activity
  • Labor effort and costs necessary to manually reconcile 3rd Party orders and payments
  • Need for proper controls over a growing proportion of restaurant sales revenue

Benefits of Third Party Delivery Reconciliation

  • Solution customized to your business rules
  • End to end automated solution from order to journal entry posting
  • System (POS, Accounting, Ordering, Third Party Delivery) Agnostic
  • Visibility into money owed and fees paid
  • Process control and mitigation of potential fraud
  • Identification of short payments from third party
  • Cost savings on reconciliation process

IQ Will Support Your Reconciliation with the Top Third Party Delivery Companies

Third-Party Delivery Reconcilation Process Flow

Third-party Reconciliation Workflow

Third-Party Delivery Reconciliation Requires Tie Out to Over 34 Variables That Vary By Third-Party Delivery Partners




Fees (continued)

Discounts and Promotions


Cancelled / Refunded / Missing or Duplicated Order

Order Channel

Order Source

Fulfillment Type

third party delivery reconciliation

Visibility and control over delivery costs is critical to profitability.

third party delivery reconciliation screenshot
third party delivery reconciliation screenshot

Common Exceptions

Order Number Does Not Match

third party delivery reconciliation screenshot

Order is on POS but not on Delivery Company Report

third party delivery reconciliation screenshot

Order is on Delivery Company Report but not on POS

third party delivery reconciliation screenshot

Bank Reconciliation By Delivery Company Bank Deposit

IQ BackOffice Offers a Complete Third-Party Delivery Reconciliation Solution

for Services such as DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats and Postmates

IQ Reconciles Revenue and Related Expenses Resulting in:
  • Visibility and control
  • Automation efficiency
  • Cash control
  • Fraud avoidance
IQ Routes/Resolves Exceptions Based on Business Rules
  • Identification of short payments
  • Identification of missed reimbursements, etc.
  • IQ Provides A Complete End-to-End Process using the captured data to complete the entire process including escalation and follow-ups
Process Automation solutions - Accounts Payable Workflow David Schnitt, CEO
For one client, IQ found that out of $4.3M in Third-party deliveries, there were approximately 21% of 3rd-party delivery payment shortages comprised of deposits in transit, cancelled/duplicate orders, adjustments and actual short payments.

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