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Preventative care for your accounts payable

IQ understands the unique challenges you face supporting your clients, such as coordinating with dozens of small offices; standardizing irregular processes and making payments to suppliers of everything from paper clips to x-ray machines

“For one of the largest dental chains in the USA, with over 200 offices, we implemented a new automated Accounts Payable process, providing our client with real-time visibility and controls across the enterprise. We worked with vendors to implement our proprietary IQR process that turned vendors’ invoices into fully digital transactions, automatically coding them and routing them electronically to the office managers for approval and rapid payment. This included all of their lab bills. We also automated and put controls around their daily sales and cash activities as well as management of customer contracts. Our client now has a paperless environment while saving 54% or over $3 million during the life of our relationship.

IQ BackOffice Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Whether you are a hospital, medical office, dental office or other type of healthcare company, IQ Backoffice knows your business.

For a large hospital group with a related chain of clinics, we reengineered and automated their Accounts Payable process to world-class standards. We were able to integrated EDI feeds from some of their larger vendors and ensure that the invoices fully matched both the outstanding POs and receipts. Our client now has full visibility into every aspect of the process, while savings exceeded 60%.

Our partnerships with electronic payment solution providers can help make even the most established processes more efficient, and turn your accounting costs into real savings with early payment discounts and virtual card solutions that offer monthly rebates.

The Companies We Keep

Process Automation solutions - Accounts Payable Workflow David Schnitt, CEO

Integrated solutions reduce errors and increase efficiency. IQ BackOffice delivers complete solutions that work with your back office infrastructure and reports.

David Schnitt, CEO, IQ BackOffice

IQ BackOffice works with leading global companies which include the world’s largest steel manufacturer, the largest technology and entertainment conglomerate, large retailers and restaurant chains across thousands of stores and e-commerce sites. Other major clients include distribution, energy, healthcare, real estate, and financial services companies.

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