Cannabis Accounting Outsourcing Services

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increase the value of your business?

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efficiently process your accounting transactions?

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Streamline Your Back Office

We recognize the unique challenges facing this industry, from tracking sales at many geographically diverse locations, processing payrolls with high employee turnover, large amounts of cash and debit card payments, and complex financial reporting needs by product line, from cultivation, manufacturing, all the way to the sale to the end-user at the dispensary.

Increase the Value of Your Business

With our Cannabis Accounting Outsourcing services, IQ BackOffice will help you understand the key drivers of sales and profitability in your business. Which product lines sell the best? Where is your profit actually coming from? Which locations are profitable or have the best margins and why? Armed with this information, you can make intelligent business decisions to grow faster and more profitably.

Complete Cannabis Accounting Services

IQ BackOffice offers complete accounting services that combine best practices, top-to-bottom process reengineering with web-based accounting and workflow systems to reduce errors and lower costs while improving your controls and decision-making.

Cannabis Accounting - Client-Centric Solutions

Our experienced team develops client-centric solutions that can leverage your existing systems or recommend state-of-the-art solutions to streamline your processes from seed to sale! Through this, we work with you to integrate technology and reduce implementation timeframes, risk and expense and allow your interfaces, providing you with solutions rather than more software to manage.
Integrated outsourced accounting services

“Integrated solutions reduce errors and increase efficiency. IQ BackOffice delivers complete solutions that work with your back office infrastructure and reports.”

David Schnitt, CEO at IQ BackOffice

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