Accounting Outsourcing

Are you looking

to reduce costs up to 80%?

to reduce errors & increase efficiency?

for increased transparency & visibility?

for quick turnaround and response?

Top Companies Choose IQ BackOffice

Reduced costs, enjoy better control and more informed decisions

IQ BackOffice offers complete accounting services that combine best practices, top-to- bottom process reengineering with web-based workflow systems to reduce errors and lower costs while improving your controls and decision-making.

Full-service outsourcing or an a la carte solution

Our experienced team develops customized solutions that leverage your existing accounting systems rather than replacing them. Through this, we reduce implementation timeframes, risk and expense, and allow your interfaces and reports to function as they do today.
Integrated outsourced accounting services
“Integrated solutions reduce errors and increase efficiency. IQ BackOffice delivers complete solutions that work with your back office infrastructure and reports.”
David Schnitt, CEO at IQ BackOffice
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