3 Ways Restaurants Can Save Big in the Back Office

Many restaurant managers are playing a never-ending game of catch-up. On top of the stress of providing a quality experience and generating guest satisfaction at full-service restaurants, they’re also grappling with issues that can crop up at the worst possible moments—such as missing payments to food and liquor vendors, duplicate invoices, inaccurate food costs, inventory issues, and more.

Management teams at full-service restaurants—especially chains with multiple locations—have the responsibility of orchestrating many different components of the supply chain system, all of which have their own varying processes and systems. Lately, many restaurants have started automating their Accounts Payable (AP) to more effectively—and efficiently—process their invoices and payments. Automation providers promise restaurants protection from costly mistakes associated with duplicate invoices and poor food cost data, not to mention the cost of managers entering all of this information into a back-of-house system and other issues. Additionally, the solutions all claim to ensure ease of use and valuable ROI in the form of increased savings on AP and other processes.

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