Top 5 Challenges of Business Process Outsourcing

Challenges of Business Process Outsourcing – First, Find the Right Partner

challenges of outsourcingOne of the initial challenges of outsourcing is finding a good outsourcing partner and negotiating an agreement that is a balance between the optimal level of service and cost for the business and the profitability of the outsourcing company.

Naturally, both parties would find it ideal to benefit from the relationship and with efforts towards managing expectations clearly, it is possible to come to an agreement that provides an optimal outcome for all involved.

Challenges of Outsourcing – Consider the Internal Culture

Challenges are expected in any new endeavor, especially when there are changes made and/or something new added to an existing process.

In very broad terms, challenges can typically be categorized as organizational/culture challenges or system/process related obstacles. For instance, because the outsourcing company is responsible for understanding an existing company’s requirements and identifying areas where best practices can be applied, it leaves a business vulnerable to having a spotlight shined on its “shortcomings” by outsiders.

Usually, by the time an outsourcing company is hired, managers are already aware that some areas of an existing process need some improvement. Many employees see their internal controls as a private matter, and having an outside company point out opportunities for improvement may leave employees within the organization sensitive to the lack of prior progress.

Challenges of Outsourcing – Consider the Learning Curve

Once technical solutions and areas of process improvement have been identified, another challenge that a contracting business might face is the learning curve associated with any new technology tools. The outsourcing company’s implementation team usually makes allowances for this type of challenge by hosting comprehensive training sessions or technology tutorials for the company’s employees.

Additionally, accessible resources are made available for users to reference even after the implementation.

Challenges of Outsourcing – The Importance of Clear Communication

In addition to technical training, a key challenge with any change and making sure all constituents in the organization are informed and ready for any process or operational changes associated with outsourcing.

In general, without clear communication between both organizations about expectations and next steps, challenges that can otherwise be avoided will only add to the challenges that are inevitable with any new endeavor.

Challenges of Business Process Outsourcing – The Importance of Management Support

Finally, as with any corporate initiative, top management support is critical to ensure success and ensure everyone understands the goals of outsourcing and its benefits.

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