Leveraging the Power of CPAs and Accounting Outsourcing

Leveraging Power of CPAs and Accounting Outsourcing

Companies can combine accounting outsourcing services with the use of a traditional local CPA according to an article in CPA Practice Advisor. “How Outsourced Accounting Services are a Win-Win for Firms and Business Clients.”

The article, by Debi Warren, CPA, CGMA, states that “adding bookkeeping and accounting resources can increase firm revenue and provide your clients with more options.” Accounting outsourcing, she writes, enables firms to offer a greater variety, and level, of expertise at a lower cost. What’s more, accounting outsourcing resources can offer objectivity that internal resources may lack when it comes to sensitive topics within a firm.

The article lays out four areas firms must consider before engaging in accounting outsourcing: Resources, Service Philosophy, Client Relationship, and Fees, along with guidelines for handling each. Properly done, however, it can enable an accounting firm to offer both lower costs and a higher-touch relationship to its clients.

IQ BackOffice offers accounting transaction outsourcing, accounts payable outsourcing, accounts receivable outsourcing, bank reconciliation outsourcing and other services to CPA firms at a considerable savings over the cost of in-house processing. With more than $15 billion in transactions processed each year, IQ BackOffice has the experience to be an ideal partner for a CPA firm looking to adopt this model.

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