What to Look for If You’re Considering Outsourcing Accounting

What to Look for If You’re Considering Outsourcing Accounting

An article in The Guardian tells companies considering accounting outsourcing “What you need to look for if you’re outsourcing your accounts.” The author, Deepaman Prabhakar discusses into the dangers of picking a firm strictly on price, alone. Although written for a UK audience, the essential considerations for making the decision to outsource are global:

  • Do you really need to do your accounting in-house?
  • Can it be done in a more cost-effective way?
  • What can you do with the time saved to put it to better use?

He also lays out criteria for would be accounting outsourcing clients to consider, in selecting a service partner:

  • Qualifications, certifications and market position
  • Ratings and testimonials from current customers
  • Flexibility and ability to customize solutions based on client need as well as ability to meet their service level agreements

Finally, IQ BackOffice offers a high level of quality, provides significant value beyond cost savings to a broad range of clients, including companies in the restaurants & hospitality, real estate & property management, manufacturing & distribution, dental & medical service organization, and other industries.

In addition, IQ BackOffice has a long record of delivering efficiency, accurate and effective accounting outsourcing, accounts payable outsourcing, accounts receivable outsourcing and other accounting services at a considerable savings compared to the cost of in-house services.

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